Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Thoughts

I am not an overly intelligent fellow. I never went to College, although I had been accepted by one. I finished High School and joined one of the greatest Schools there is, the United States Marine Corps. They took an arrogant, overweight, naive kid, and made him into a Man I am still proud of to this day. I fully expected to go to Viet Nam, and probably die there, but soon after I graduated Boot. President Nixon announced the Pull Out.

Even though I never served in Viet Nam, I felt the anger of the American People against it. We didn't wear our Uniforms off base, as it was an invitation to be spit on. Most wore caps to cover their "high and tight" for the same reason. Even this, however, could not lessen my pride at being a Marine.

On this Memorial Day, as I read the comments of my friends on Twitter and other places, I rejoice in the "new" attitude of the American people towards those serving in the Armed Forces and our Veterans. I wish it had been that way 30 years ago.

I fought no battles and shed no blood for my Country, but I wore the Uniform and I did what was asked of me to protect it. I post a lot on Twitter about Thank a Veteran and Support our Troops because, even now, they are not treated as they should be. How can we, even now the most prosperus Nation on Earth, allow such a thing as a "Homeless Veteran". Why do Mothers have to sell cookies to raise money to buy our Troops flak jackets and proper Helmets. Why do I have to spend all of my SS Disability to live in a flea-bag Motel, dying of Heart Disease, and make descions on wether to buy Meds or eat. And I am NOT alone. Their are thousands of Men and Women who honorably served this Country living this way everyday.

I will get off my soap box now. As you can probably guess, I have never blogged before. Hopefully I will get better as time goes by, for I intend to do it often.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and once again, Please Support our Troops and Thank our Veterans for their Service.

Semper Fi